Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Forgot to post this earlier! Oops!!/AliaGee1/status/149191796432437248/photo/1 and!/AliaGee1/status/149191791743205377/photo/1 were both taken yesterday.

In case you are not familiar with the area, that's the tree in the courtyard of Bloomberg's corporate headquarters. I took!/AliaGee1/status/149192953896771585/photo/1 to give a sense of location-- that's the Bloomingdales' cafe directly across from the tree.

There were a lot of police officers in very fuzzy hats, so I was very nervous. Especially since I was carrying around a 6' long poplar plank--hard to look inconspicuous, with that much wood. So I gave up on inconspicuous, and just worked slowly and made sure I stayed on the sidewalk.

Really, I need others to help me if it's going to be anything more than one furtive tent. And I don't think I have the ovaries to actually enter the toilet bowl (If you stand where the tree is and look up, the walls of the skyscrapers curve around you. It feels like you're at the bottom of a toilet bowl and someone is about to do some trickle down economics on you, hence its nickname).

There was one awkward moment when I was trying to get a good shot of the tree, and a helpful passerby said, "It's a great tree, isn't it. It would be even more beautiful if you stood in front of it. I'll take your picture!"

Argh! Wrong kind of helpful!

 "It's alright, I won't steal your phone," he said, misreading my hesitation.

Cue awkward honest moment, "Actually, this is kind of a political picture," I said, flashing the tent at him, "And I don't want to involve you because I don't want to get you in trouble."

His eyes got really big, then he smiled and said, "Aw, you're cute (or adorable, or something vaguely patronizing but still mostly accurate and not actively insulting)," and walked away still happy, and me still with my phone not falling out of my frozen-yet-nervously-sweating hands.

Win-win, really.

I'm not sure that's the closest a tent has gotten to Bloomberg, but it made me happy. And, besides the nervous sweat, it was surprisingly fun.

And, as brilliant husband said, that's what all this revolutionizing is about: The freedom to have fun.

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