Sunday, February 16, 2014

Contest #2

A contest! Another contest!

From now until my birthday (March 19th), for each place you post “I want to get a free copy of Alia Gee’s novel, Suncatcher, because… <insert your genuine reason here>” with a link to this blogpost right here-- AND TAG ME/SEND ME A LINK (via comments here or FB or however you want) you will get entered to win a copy of Suncatcher in the format of your choice. (Previous winners not eligible… because.)

This means you can post it three times on Facebook and be entered once—but if you post once on Facebook, once on Twitter, and once on Youtube you get entered 3 times.

Non electronic versions count. If you make a mural on your garage door or rearrange the craft letters at your local hobby shop, just take a picture and email it to me. 

I’ll probably post it, actually, if it’s that awesome. ;)

…And if you just can’t wait to get a free copy, you can always buy your own copy right this very instant at your local book store—or from one of the links below.

Please have fun with this. What’s the point, if there’s no fun?



  1. Posts from Twitter: Wanda ‏@itsWanda 4h

    My friend @AliaGee1 wrote a novel called Suncatcher set in the future. She's a raging optimist so you should read it: …

  2. The Caring Lobster ‏@LavLobster 6h

    I want to get a free copy of @AliaGee1 's novel "Suncatcher" b/c I like steampunk told from non-colonial viewpoint." …

  3. From Facebook:
    Caroline F: I want to get a free copy of Alia Gee's book Suncatcher, because I've read another one of her books and loved it.

  4. From Facebook:
    Sue A: If you like sci-fi novels and/or spent your youth diggin' on Robert Heinlein, I strongly recommend reading this novel by the fabulous Alia Gee. I spent the weekend immersed in some seriously post-apocalyptical plot lines, rooting for the main character, and hoping she finds love with her enigmatic (yet swashbuckling) pirate/ninja. I give "Suncatcher" five stars, two thumbs up, and rate it general awesomeness all around!

  5. From twitter:
    Rebecca (@thatbloodywoman) tweeted at 4:57 PM on Sun, Feb 16, 2014:
    @AliaGee1 I think I'd have the best reason: "Because one day I said to Alia 'if you want a steampunk feminist fantasy, write it yourself'!"

  6. mia (@turtalia) tweeted at 6:23 PM on Sun, Feb 16, 2014:
    I want to win a free copy of @AliaGee1's book Suncatcher because Yellow heartAlia!

  7. Here's what I posted on Facebook: Every so often, it pays to read the comments on a blog entry. Here us the original blog:
    In the comments I found out about a very cool sounding book by Alia Gee called Suncatcher. This post is my attempt to win a copy of said book given away by the author. Her one sentence summary: A steampunk novel with a Pakistani-American as the heroine. Sounds awesome to me!!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! Er, though technically you need to post a link to *this* post-- the one with the contest rules in it, not Scalzi's blog-- to Facebook to be entered. See, this contest is my attempt to get more people to know about and be interested in the book, and so they need to know how to find the book... :}

    2. I put the link to your blog in the comments - but that's why I mentioned your name and the book name in the OP. No worries, I just thought the Scalzi link might actually help drive traffic your way.

    3. thank you! that makes sense. :)