Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Out Black Friday Interview with Protest Kid

Why were you there?

Mainly, because a cop killed Mike Brown. How is that professionalism? How is that respect? How is that courtesy to African Americans? I mean, they're American citizens. Respect is like... for one thing, it's not shooting people. It's maybe arresting them, but not shooting them.

Also, because I like going on protests. They make me feel better.

What is racism?

Separating people into groups because of their race, and then making rules based on which group they are in. Chinese and African Americans have been abused a whole lot in this country. The Exclusiom Acts are something in the past, but racism still lives on.

Do you think the protest helped other people?

I think it helped other people get the message out to other people and the media and the government. But the government is pretty good at ignoring people. I think the grand jury should get all the information and everyone gets all the information so they can make a better decision. I think it should have gone to trial. He should have been tried for murder and racist acts in general. If I were in a jury I would demand the whole story.

What chants do you remember?

Not another nickel, not another dime, no more money for racist crime.
No justice, no peace.
Hands up, don't shop.

What was your favorite part of the protest?

While we were marching, I almost got interviewed! But at least the CNN guy took my picture.

What was your least favorite part?

Leaving. Because the people weren't allowed on the red steps at Times Square.

Were you nervous?

There were police. Their numbers were thin, but I was worried that I'd get arrested. But I was able to keep that fear down and fight against the status quo. I may just be a juvenile American citizen, but I'm a citizen so I have a right to protest. Because I'm cool like that.

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