Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A brief word from our sponsor

Hey there. Still alive. Still protesting... we were out on September 17th, in fact, and Little Man skipped Kindergarten to join me and ProtestKid. He came for the McDonalds, but he stayed for the balloons and photo ops.

Besides regular life, I also finally did something more proactive with my novel than wait to hear back from the slush pile... *sniffle*...

So now it's going to booklocker, and should have a life outside this blog in the next 6 weeks.

This blog may start to have more about revolutions in writing than writing about revolutions, but... eh, maybe not. Anyway, I wanted to add this post and remind myself it existed. (Sorry I forgot. I've been busy.)

Will try to post more often; I can claim it's marketing. Yeah. That.

Love to all,