Monday, November 21, 2011

New Project!

Cooking for the Occupiers has gotten a little more awkward, since I'm not sure where they will be tomorrow...

Time for a new project!

We’re sending love letters to occupations. Because it’s all about the love, baby! And we all need encouragement—I know I sure do.

So… I’ve got the Eastern seaboard, but I’m willing to share. If you want to send a care package to Poughkeepsie or some other small Occupation that hasn’t gotten much media attention, do it! And if you want to let us know so we can keep track of who is getting love and who needs some extra, comment!

Once we get some love letters sent out, we’re also going to send some lovely letters to members of the media who have done an outstanding job of covering this story—Olberman, we’re looking at you!


PS: That doesn't mean I've suddenly stopped feeding the occupiers. No way my family can eat all these PB & J sandwiches by themselves. It's just gotten a little more difficult and I have no idea what the larger strategy is... So we're taking some initiative. Love is non-perishable. Spread it thick.

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