Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well, I was just going to write up this morning’s quick trip to Occupy, but I see that my pageviews went from 301 (I’m pretty sure at least half of those were spam bots) to 800+… er, hi Whatevers! I love you! Um, hope you don’t mind if I go back to writing about Liberty Plaza/Square/Park thing here…I feel like I've just been slash-dotted... in a literary kind of way. Squee. I'll try not to let the attention go to my head.

(er, if you want to chip in with my efforts, is where I’m collecting for my OccupyCostco habit. And if you love my writing style and really want to see my novel that is currently languishing on Baen’s slush pile—it’s about a solar harvesting commune in the sky attacked by corporate raiders… Maybe I should rename it OccupySky?... you can read the first part of it here:

Regular Occupy Missive:
Dropped off 5 Ziploc bags of split pea and barley soup. Smuggled in some green vegetables in the form of cardones—an interesting culinary experiment, but I don’t feel moved to try it again. It was an awful lot of work to make it taste less bitter—and three dozen hardboiled eggs.

The kitchen volunteers have started wearing nametags. I suppose it is more pleasant than saying, “Hey, you, pass the bucket of compost.” I worry at every little change, practical or esoteric, but hopefully it will help with communication more than it will create an insider-outsider vibe. The people working seemed happy and busy but not overwhelmed, anyway, so that was good.

It was a flying visit, but I got to see two of the three big military tents I had heard about, and it looks like the library also has some sort of exciting structure, like a barrel cut in half that they have some books and some sleeping tents underneath. Forty per cent chance of rain today, so I’m glad the books and the people will be dry.

 And now I must pick up The Big Child from school… if you’re in the area and want to help, we’ll be doing our regular Friday Night Chopping Vegetables for the Revolution at my house tomorrow evening.

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