Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Quick Update:

OWS Tenting! In the subway! (Edited to add: And in Grand Central!) And it wasn't me! And I don't know who the photographer is, either!

So very pleased the tents are finding new homes and having adventures without me.

This morning at 9:15 I found out about the anti-NDAA press conference at noon, and decided it was more important than going to the gym or running my errands. Shoved the rest of my #tenting cards in my purse, went to the rally at the New York Public Library with lions, and... ended up with someone else's kid on my shoulders. (I gravitate towards kids in a group of strangers. They are easier to deal with and they laugh at my jokes faster.)

Anyway, it was good but chilly and then we marched to Schumer's office where I handed out a few more cards. Someone thought I should put my email address on them... and maybe I could put the blog on... but I kind of like their unbrandedness. I mean, it's not that I don't want credit. But... it isn't about *me*... it's about other people's right to free expression.

Principles before personalities.

(Besides, it's not like I drew the tents. They're copyright-free images I found somewhere. Sharing is good.)

...So that was fun but I lost my voice way before we got to Schumer's office and then I was freezing and hungry and cold and my feet hurt and did i mention the OMG COLD... so I handed my last tent I had made for the occasion to someone whose hands were empty and went to pick up Older Son (who I may start calling ProtestKid because it amuses me...) and now I'm home and I missed the Grand Central action and the arrests and the General Assembly as Direct Action/Expression of Freedom of Assembly...

And that's ok, because my tents have been used by someone besides me and my loved ones.

Going to bask in the glow of approval, for a minute... If anyone calls about publishing my novel, tell them I'll get right back to them after I warm up a little... ;)

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