Monday, January 16, 2012

Snarky response to nay-sayers on OWS facebook page

So... Is there anyone commenting here who actually *likes* OWS? Who is organizing local Occupy groups to do it better/more? Because otherwise I'm going to assume you're a bunch of folks sitting in a basement getting paid by the Koch brothers to bitch in public while the rest of us do what we can for our country. 

You didn't like it when we sat in tents in the rain (What's that going to change? you jeered), you didn't like it when Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson visited (Now OWS has jumped the shark! you crowed) or Pete Seeger (Now OWS has *really* humped the shark! you said sadly, shaking your head more in sorrow than in anger)

You know what? I have no idea if throwing glitter around will help. But it's different, and what we've been doing the last twenty years (bake sales for education, writing polite letters to our congressional representatives) IS NOT WORKING!

So. Are you working for a Koch brother? Or are you working to come up with something Different that will actually work? New ideas welcome. Old whines (you're not doing it riiight. you're wasting your tiiime) will not. 

Whose time? OUR TIME!

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