Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can't Buy My Voice (Protest Lyrics)

A friend and I wrote this last year; it was for a day with two protests, one standing up for Unions in the face of Scott Walker's insanity held near City Hall, and then later in the day a rally for Planned Parenthood at Foley Square. She and I carried a big red "PLUTOCRACY" umbrella  (because we felt this was an "umbrella issue") and wore signs that read No Money/ No Voice at the first rally, and No Money/ No Choice at the second.

After the fallout with Komen, it seemed like a relevant time to dust this off and post it. I think it could use some more verses; feel free to share ideas in the comments or forward to musical friends.

Anyway, to the tune of "Can't Buy Me Love"

Can’t buy my voice
The Constitution tells me so
Can’t buy me choice
It’s not for sale, no
The fat cats buy their diamond rings, while our belts are getting tight.
Banks get away with everything, they think bailouts are their right.
They all care too much for money, now we have to stand and fight.

Stand up and fight, everybody tell them No.
Stand up and fight, shout no no no, Nooooo!

You can vote for the right wing, if you are satisfied
With dirty air and politics, my friend you must decide.
I just care about the right thing, and I’ll stand and fight…

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