Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why ProtestKid Occupies

Today, ProtestKid and I (along with several other local occupiers) were invited to share our motivations for participating in Occupy Wall Street with a sociology class at Marymount College in Manhattan.

(Their buildings are beautiful; I was particularly impressed with how the ballet students made even their mistakes gracefully and with a smile.)

He and I talked a bit beforehand about what questions might be asked of us, and ProtestKid spoke, but he had more thoughts to share than the limited class time allowed.

So on the way home, I suggested he write down everything that he wanted to say, and promised to post it where everyone could read it. Here, then, is why ProtestKid (Who, he likes to remind people, is only 7) Occupies:

I want to be a part of O.W.S. because I want to make this world better. I also want to protect the protesters. (Who would even want to arrest a bunch of people with a cute little kid whith them?)

Why yes, I am a very proud ProtestMom, why do you ask?

In solidarity,
Alia (and ProtestKid)

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