Saturday, March 24, 2012

Occupying for Others

I put this on my Facebook, but I wanted to share this idea outside my social circle, maybe get it picked up by others:

One of the reasons I Occupy is that I *can*... I have the resources and the safety (Protest Husband is not about to fire me for my political beliefs and actions) that a lot of sympathetic people don't.

My grandma once marched on Washington for a nuclear protest holding a homemade sign that had polaroids of all her grandchildren on it. (In mine, I was reading the Bible non-ironically. But then again, I was 8.)

When M and I rallied for Women's Health in Foley Square last summer, I carried a print out that had a list of the 20 names of people in 18 point font who would have been there with me if they could have.

I want to do the same for my personal occupations-- only in a sturdier form factor. I'm thinking of wearing a sash, like boy scouts wear, because I need my hands free. And on it I want to sew/affix/bolt onto it the names (or tokens, if you can't even risk your name) of people who are with me/us in spirit.

So far I have three people/families who are excited to participate, and I'm pleased that even if I march without Protest Kid, I won't be marching alone.

Please, if you like this idea, share it with your friends.


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