Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Quick Recap of the Day: Dropped off cereal bars, fruit candy and water to Union Square. (Not enough time to bake and I was coughing hard this morning; didn't want to share any more germs than I had to) Hopped back onto subway to Foley Square where anti police brutality march was gathered.

Handed out 1 and a half bags of Ricola. Marched silently (with a white rose) past everyone having lunch, listened to speakers-- husband murdered by police; communities living in fear; lives spent behind bars; OWSer in holding cell who was threatened by a cop to stop singing or they'd send her to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital. She also witnessed a OWSer who was arrested Saturday night be used like "a battering ram", the cops smashed his head against each step of the bus, then banged his head off the seats of the bus as they carried him through it.

Left rose behind, many pictures taken of the pile of roses.

Then we marched out *loudly* shouting and chanting. Then we started to sing:

You ain't nothin' but a bad cop, lyin' all the time (repeat) You haven't helped the people and you ain't no friend of mine...

Then we sang, "We all live in a fascist police state" to the tune of Yellow Submarine...

Then we got back to Foley and someone pointed out that Jail Support was nearby. I've been wanting to visit but had no idea where it was, so J escorted me. There were four people waiting for 3-4 occupiers still in jail. We went to Starbucks and brought them coffee and chatted a bit... I think the biggest change between now and the fall is that people are sharing their (first) names much more. But I don't know if that's because I've finally been around enough that people recognize me or if there is less fear of losing that bit of privacy/anonymity.

Then I ran home and picked up ProtestKid and did more normal Mom things. tired...

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