Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I interview ProtestKid

Me: Why do you Occupy?

ProtestKid: The reason I occupy is because of not giving enough money to people. Plus, letting the rich steal from the middle class and the lower class and the poor. Why don't they get to steal as well as the rich?

Me: Well stealing isn't good, right?

PK: Really, I wish that we didn't steal. I wish that the rich would not steal. But the rich-- all they want is more money, all they care about is their money. They don't like it when crooks steal their stuff, they should really think about what they're doing before they actually state something. They should actually try to help people.

Me: Do you get interviewed a lot?

PK: I've gotten interviewed more than once.

Me: What was the best question they've asked you?

PK: How long I've been occupying. My first march was the one where the police brought out the kettling nets. I didn't know they were kettling nets, but I guessed that something was not going to be good. Then we just bought a pretzel and we left for the train.

Me: Do you think you get interviewed because you're a kid?

PK: Not exactly that I'm a kid, but that I'm cute. Well, I'm a really good occupier.

Me: What makes you a good occupier?

PK: I try to be as kind as possible.

Me: Have you ever been scared when you were occupying?

PK: I got a little nervous at my first march because of the kettling nets. Also I got a bit spooked by the first march with the riot police. I was a little afraid they would beat me with sticks. If I got attacked by riot police, I'd have the right to defend myself... right?

Me: How is it different being a kid when you protest?

PK: When you're an adult, it's easier for you to get arrested. When you're a kid, you're cute. There's less of a chance that you could get arrested. Why would someone arrest a cute little kid?

Me: Besides the police, what are you paying attention to when you protest?

PK: I'm paying attention to the march. The main thing is the reason I'm out there. It depends on different marches. On the Million Hoodie March, it was about Trayvon Martin. I felt really sad for him; really, his entire family. Even his great great grandparents. If they were alive, they would really not like the news, they would be crying.

The one after the protestors got kicked out (of Liberty)... The one with the chalk thing. The chalkupy. The main reason I was there was I wanted to take the park back for the protestors.

The hearts protest... I didn't think it was very successful, because of the police ripping the hearts off the fence way before Bloomberg could see them. And I am so mad about that. I was in the mood for fighting them. Sneak up, take their stun gun, and throw it in the garbage...If there was a garbage can.

Me: What do you want other kids to know about protesting?

PK: This is not just playtime. I know Parents for Occupy want to make it look like fun, so kids enjoy it. But really, the main reason kids and protestors-- each and every one of them-- is there to protest against greed, about our grievances, and to make this world a better place.

Little Man: When I'm big like ProtestKid, I'm going to go to the protest and protect the protestors.

***and at that point, it seemed like a lovely place to end the interview. Plus ProtestKid really wanted to go back to reading The Titan's Curse and I try not to abuse my Interrupting Mother privileges***

...If anyone else has questions for ProtestKid about occupy, I'd be happy to relay his answers...

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