Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Disobedience School; Protest Kid Debriefs

Why were you excited to go to the protest today?

The part where I got excited today was when we got the philly cheese steak when we were going civilian.

What does "going civilian" mean?

If we see a cop we go away from the occupation and, like, do stuff that a regular person would be doing.Maybe, getting a hot dog, a souvenier or a toy at McDonalds. Looking at a map, things that protestors don't usually do.

What were we practicing today?

Invisible theater. For instance, you go up to a bank teller, for instance, and you say that you want to take your money out of the bank. And the teller says, "Well, ok, swipe your card into the reader so we can get the process started," but then you're totally ignoring him and cleaning everything up. You're not even listening a bit! You're wiping at things, like with a washcloth. So for that, also, you could go into a bank and not even have a reason to go there at all! You could go in and have a fake argument about whether a falcon or an eagle would win if they were hitting each other. ...I'm ready for the next question.

What did you learn today?

I learned how to "wall". It's kind of like soft blocking. It's different than soft blocking because sometimes you wall so you can get separated into different groups.

What was the most interesting thing we did?

The most interesting thing was doing the bank thing, with the two poles and the line of people walking around them singing chants and things like that. My real favorite chant is "Can't stop the power of the people 'cause the power of the people don't stop," because another group of people always say "Say what?" and I think it is pretty nice because you can take a moment to inhale before you spit any more words out.

Worst moment?

Getting lost when we were trying to find Wells Fargo.

What was the best moment?

The best moment was the pickets. I felt good because I was scouting-- being aware of police officers. It made me feel like one of the top people, because I was looking all over, until we started chanting. Then my thing was holding onto the balloon and chanting, then I wasn't as aware (of police).

What do you think would have made it even better?

Nothing really needed to change. I got bored at the end of the whole thing with all this meeting and I was so anxious to go. I was really tired. The grownups had a good time, I could tell that. I think the grownups will come back. Maybe next Saturday. Next Saturday I want to come back, but not Monday.

If someone wasn't there, what would you want them to know about it?

That it was fun.

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