Friday, October 14, 2011

Entry Number Two (Days 23 and 24)

Yesterday: Boiled: 34 more eggs (two lost to gravity and cracking under pressure)

Also made 3 gallons of squash risotto and 2 of mixed mystery veg with some sesame oil. The latter leaked through two plastic bags, my backpack, and scalded my lower back. See the kinds of sacrifices I make for the revolution? /whine

Took all 64 hard boiled eggs, hot foods, some strawberries and some mixed nuts down to the square. It was disturbing-- not because if the cleanliness, the sterility. It was the low energy... I hadn't seen it that low since my first day visiting, five days into the occupation after two wet and chilly days that gave everyone sore throats. I worried.

So I brought Number One Son home, we finished homework and had dinner... and then...

Today: I got up at 4:15 after four hours of really restless sleep, met my friend at Dunkin Donuts, picked up 8 boxes of coffee (and milk and sugar and etc), took a taxi (after the scalding, I am trying to avoid martyring... and 8 boxes of coffee are heavy!) and press-ganged two strapping young men to help us carry the coffee to the kitchen.

This morning was better. For one thing, seeing a steady stream of well-dressed (non-vagrant-y) people heading towards Liberty Plaza at 5:30 am cheered my heart. Then I got to be a human mic (Someday soon I will be writing an essay On How To Be A Human Mic: pro-tip number one-- you are not shouting the words forward at the speaker, or even up at the sky. You are shouting them to the people who cannot hear BEHIND YOU. Yes, I'm talking to you, asshole reporter who shoved past me, and tall crew who stood in my line of sight so I no longer had visual cues of what was being said, either... I hope my shouting MIC CHECK in your ear helped you feel a real part of the loving and uplifting experience...yes, I am usually warm and fluffy-- but not when I cannot hear important info about how not to get arrested.)

... and then, suddenly, that info was not so very important after all. The cleaning is not cancelled-- merely delayed-- but I'm not going to stop paying attention, and I hope you don't, either.

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