Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rain, rain...

Today: 4 gallons of red lentils and ginger (vegan *and* gluten free! woot!) plus a bunch of other stuff. I decided I couldn't drag the toddler out into the rain and through the public transit system with several pounds of hot liquid on my back, so we took a cab. To justify the cab, I brought some non-perishables (tortillas, jam, rice cakes, tissues, 18+ bags of Ricola) I was going to bring on Saturday. Guess that means there will be more room in the car for cooked food then... la...

Every time I start to worry about the Liberty Kids-- are they taking X for granted, are they forgetting about Y-- they step up and they *do* it. Better than I feared. Better than I hoped. I just have to remember to believe in *them*, not the sound bites.

They really are for real. Real human. Real humane.

(And, after today, really damp.)


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