Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How I spent my Saturday:

Delivering all the tasty food we made Friday night, of course!

Prepped 20 pounds of potatoes
7-10 (forgot to count. lots) pounds of carrots and parsnips and sweet potatoes and roasted them
6 spinach quiches and
About a gallon of apple pear sauce boiled in cider with some raisins.

Roasted the potatoes

...and took all that, plus several gallons of water, with Protest Buddy M, to Liberty in a cab (paid for by friends in our chip in account. So cool and so grateful. Thanks, guys!)...

It was awesome (#OccupiedKitchen thanked us in a twitter! I had my half a second of twitter fame! Woot!), and when we needed help hauling it across the street I shouted "Mic Check!" and a guy standing in line at the street vendor said, "I'll help!" but by the time he got his food, four strong empty-handed people had swooped in and started carrying... I had to chase after them and reassure the kitchen staff that everything (except the quiche) really was vegan. Just like the ingredient list said. ;)

...Spent a long time out, will post what I wrote on Facebook later, if anyone besides me ever reads this log. *kisses* if you are reading this and not me.

if you are

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  1. Yay :) Go Alia. Loving to hear your words, loving your energy for these acts of blessing.