Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tenting for OWS

So OWS had this "tenting" idea, where people put tents in public spaces with their messages. I do not have the resources to buy a tent for every public space I go through... But I love the idea and by golly I want to participate. (Edited to add: Official start date is Sunday... but hey--Occupy Early, Occupy Often!)

And I thought you might like to protest in public, too.

This is not fancy, but here is something you can print out on your own or take and run with it into realms of very fancy:

Occupy Wall Street: Protest is In Tents

I plan to fold them in half, write a message (along with "Occupy Wall Street") and place them on subway seats and maybe even use them as stationary. Not sure what all the wonderful uses could be. 

If you have more ideas, please share them in the comments-- and please share this if you like the idea or know someone else who might.


PS: Special thanks to J, for having software and knowledge at the same time. <3!


  1. I love the tent! And I would love to cross polinate as I'm cooking for Occupy as well!


  2. Hello! Please do-- have you seen http://ministryofsoup.blogspot.com/ ? She's cooking for OccupyPoughkeepsie and is looking for guest bloggers. :)

  3. I'm going to borrow your "tent." thanks for the idea!


  4. Wonderful! I may see if I can sneak them into Xmas displays in Manhattan... Occupy Macy's! ;)

  5. Diner tables and the like as well.. TABLE TENTS!

  6. yes yes yes! we're going to try and put some on subway seats...

  7. Yes! check out tinytents.tumblr.com for more people doing similar work :) :)