Monday, April 30, 2012

Good Thing

Good thing I wrote that letter.

ProtestKid struck up a conversation with his Vice Principal this morning in the breakfast line. He told her about the General Strike tomorrow and how he was participating.

"She tried to convince me to not go on the strike," he reports. "Reason one, because I needed an education. I told her I could home school. Reason two, that I was too young to go on the strike and you {ProtestMom} were a grown up so you could go on the strike. I said, 'No. I could go on the strike.' I didn't say anything about going to protests before, though. She said it wasn't safe because I was just a kid. Just for that reason, it doesn't make sense. Actually, she doesn't have a better reason because I've already done it before. I didn't mention the permitted stuff, as well. I just said, 'No,' that's it."

He did give the letter to his teacher, and she said she'd give it to the principal... but maybe it wasn't necessary after all. ProtestKid speaks for himself.

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