Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I just tweeted, "I'm starting to wonder if I can rely on any rights, or if all I can do is throw my body into the machine &hope it breaks before my bones do."

This was in response to the Supreme Court deciding that we are all guilty until proven innocent; as soon as one is arrested one can be strip searched even if later one is exonerated from any wrong doing.

You may have noticed from my last two posts that I've been feeling twitchy about my right to protest and the frightening ways the system could hurt me and my family if I continue to exercise my right to protest.

This Supreme Court decision to nullify my right to privacy-- to the right to not be anally probed without cause-- is a core issue. (yes, i made a bad pun. sorry.)

But I'm not sorry.

Here we go, the other side of fear. I may not stay on this side, but for now I'm going to coast on laughter. You really want to see my squishy insides? You think that I will stop resisting because you stick a finger up my butt? I will be ashamed that you don't trust my body?

When have The Powers That Be *ever* trusted my body? It's female, it's dangerous and wrong already. How scary *is* my ass, people?


Fuck it. Yes, I will keep throwing my dangerous body into the jaws of the machine.

But honestly, I would much rather throw pumpkin bread at it.

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